Student Roadmap to Success

First Year - Explore Your Interests and Your Resources

First Year - Explore Your Interests and Your Resources

Academic, Personal and Leadership

  • Assess your skills, strengths, interests, values, and personality at a  Strengths Assessment workshop at the CCSC
  • Develop your CV by attending the “Making a CV” workshop at CCSC where you can identify best CV practices and obtain feedback on your current CV.
  • Demonstrate success in coursework

Career, Network and Experience

  • Recognize industries and challenges by attending at least three career-related events
  • Attend panels and programs about different fields to see what interests you
  • Conduct three informational interviews with professionals in your field of interest to gain career insight and advice.
  • Get advice and ideas from peers, teaching fellows, faculty, and others
  • Attend CCSC drop-in hours (Wednesdays at 12:00) for advice and tips on getting started looking for summer options.
  • Keep track of deadlines! Many deadlines occur in January and February, but some occur earlier or later. ͓ Search internships online.
  • Develop back-up plans, since most applications are competitive
  • If you are accepted to multiple programs or internships, consult tutors or CCSC advisers for help selecting the best experience for you. ͓ Try to relax and enjoy the experience. There is no “right” summer experience. All will teach you more about what you do and do not like.
  • Learn networking skills and start to build connections in areas that interest you.
  • Create a LinkedIn account. This is a great way to make connections.

First-year to Second Year Summer:

  • Gain experience through job, internship, volunteer opportunity, or leadership role 

Second Year - Examine Your Possibilities for the Future and Enhance Your Skill Set

  • Enhance record of academic quality
  • Organize professional portfolio with 2 projects that demonstrate expertise
  • Hold leadership role in a student organization aligned with career objective
  • Align portfolio of strengths, abilities and interests with professional goal
  • Reevaluate and continue to execute career plan
  • Articulate your personal brand clearly and obtain feedback
  • Engage with at least 5 professionals in your desired field, industry or job
  • Update CV
  • Obtain professional experience aligned with career goals through an internship or volunteer opportunity
  • Attend workshops on finding internships, funding, research, and summer study abroad opportunities.
  • test out your interests by going to panels where speakers talk about their field or region of interest.
  • Update your CV/resume. See samples on the CCSC website.
  • Bring your CV/resume to the Career Development Center during open hours to have it reviewed.
  • Learn about summer funding options and the application process on the CCSC website.
  • Come to “Ask Anything” CCSC Drop-in Hours to learn more about how to apply for internships, research, study abroad, and funding.
  • Learn networking skills and start to build connections in areas that interest you.
  • Consider a one-month experience during the winter break to help you explore your interests.

Connect with employers and organizations (September – March)

☐ Attend the Campus Interview Program Fall Career Fair in September and other CCSC fairs that interest you to learn more about different employers and the jobs or internships you might consider for the future.

  • Keep track of deadlines! Put them on your calendar so they won’t slip by.
  • Many deadlines occur in January and February, but don’t be surprised if some occur earlier or later. There is little uniformity in deadlines for summer.
  • Not sure what to do next or where to start? Come to “Ask Anything” CCSC Drop-in Hours (M-F 1:00- 4:00pm) to brainstorm ideas.
  • Make sure to have a plan A, B, and C, since many opportunities are highly competitive. It’s all right to apply for multiple options. You can sort them out once you hear if you have been accepted.

Second Year to Third Year Summer:

  • Add to experience through job or internship

Third Year - Engage in Your Future

  • Refine professional portfolio with at least two high-quality projects
  • Mentor new leaders for student professional organizations
  • Personalize portfolio of Strengths, abilities and interests for professional goal
  • Develop network further by joining professional associations
  • Obtain professional experience aligned with career goals
  • Complete Post Graduation Survey

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